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Key Clamps Online - Product Information

You may require some additional help or information with some of our key clamp products and systems.  Please click on the links below for additional information relating to our products including technical images, sizing, design considerations and examples.

Key Clamps and Galvanised Tube

  • Key Clamp Basic Introduction and brochure
  • Tube Sizing Explained
  • Key Clamp Handrail Height, Specifications and Regulations.
  • Key Clamp Gallery
  • What key clamp to use?  Every project is different and sometimes a number of styles of clamp are required to achieve your desired construction.  Here we take a brief overview of the basic types of clamp from common 'level' fittings, to ramps, angles and gradients in order to help you select the most appropriate fitting(s) for the job.

Quick Handrail Kits

  • Handrail Kits Construction - Design Considerations

 Disability Handrail Systems (DDA Handrails)

  • Introduction and overview of the range.
  • Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) Compliant Handrails - Specification and Regulations.