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Adjustable Cross 30 - 45 Degrees 42.4mm

A023 4 Way Adjustable Cross Key Clamp 30-45 Degrees - 42.4mm


4 Way Adjustable Cross Key Clamp | 42mm

£8.75 Net Each (Excluding VAT at 20%)

The A023 fitting is an adjustable cross between 30° and 45°. This clamp is used as a cross connection to connect the vertical to the mid/lower rails, of 42.4mm, on a sloping or staircase guardrail systems with the upright remaining vertical. The vertical must remain continuous with the cross rails being cut. This fitting is normally used in conjunction with the A003 Key Clamp fitting on 2 or 3 rail systems. 

 It is not recommended that this clamp be used as the top fitting on guardrail systems 

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