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60.3mm Key Clamps

Key Clamps 60.3mm (Size 9)

The 60.3mm (our size '9') range of key clamp fittings is the largest of the 5 available sizes.  As with its counterpart at the opposite end of the spectrum (the 26.9mm / size '5'), this size is most commonly used for niche projects.

This size is particularly suitable for heavy weight constructions eg, heavy duty trolley bays, barriers and many industrial areas which are liable to come into contact with traffic such as fork lift trucks / other vehicles.  This size is also a competent choice for constructions which are required to sustain heavy loads such as racking, in order to create a very robust frame.

As per the above headings, this category is split into 10 'types' of fitting such as 'Base / Wall Plates', 'Tees', 'Elbows' etc. to assist you with your selection.  Simply click on any of the above sub-categories to sort your selection.